Let’s Get It Started

Fresh Fruit Plate

Oyster Shooter
Gino's bloody mary & fried oyster

Lunch Side

With Buns
served with tots, fries or salad/sweet fries

Avenue Burger
aged beef/bacon onion compote
aged cheddar

V-Beyond Burger Deluxe
lettuce/tomato/avocado/secret sauce

thick bacon/lettuce/tomato/fried egg
portugese muffin/pimento cheese spread

Crispy Chicken Sandwich
buttermilk chicken/coleslaw pickles

Lunch Bowls

V-Simple Mixed
carrot/tomato/red onion/radish
white balsamic dressing

Avenue Cobb
romaine/carrot/tomato/red onion/egg/quinoa
feta/avocado/bacon/poppy seed dressing

kale & romaine/tomato/parmesan streusel

V-Wild & Green
wild rice/spicy broccoli/avocado
sunflower kernel/kale/cranberries
avocado dressing

Add to any bowl:
Salmon, Chicken, Steak, Cauliflower

Detroit Style Pizza

The Reg
san marzano tomato
add pepperoni

red sauce/sliced meatball/long hots/ricotta

Mushroom Rabe
white pizza/sauteed mushroom/garlic rabe
add sausage

The Chick
roasted chicken/carmelized onion
chipotle BBQ

Beef Barbacos
braised short rib/pico de gallo
cilantro pesto

Breakfast Side

V-Acai & Granola
blended fruit & acai/topped shaved coconut
granola/cocoa nibs/berries

2 Eggs Any Style
potato hash/bacon or sausage
portugese muffin

Salmon & Potato Cakes
poached eggs/greens

OMG! French Toast
Oh Maple Goodness!!!
sliced maple cinnamon bread pudding
real maple syrup/berries/cream

Avocado Toast
Multigrain Toast/smashed avocado/feta/sunflower
tomato/chives/poached egg

Blueberry Johnny Cake
corn cake/blueberry compote/real maple syrup

Breakfast Burger
aged beef/bacon/egg/aged cheddar
hollendaise sauce/portugese muffin

OMG! Breakfast Sandwich
Oh Maple Goodness!!!
house made maple sausage patty/american cheese
maple griddle cakes,fried egg,brown butter mayo

Brunch Bowls

all bowls start with a layer of hash potato
egg white available

Meat Bowl
bacon/pork sausage/spinach
cheddar cheese scambled eggs

Ranchero Bowl
seasoned beef/pepper&onion/black beans
cheddar/poached eggs/hollendaise

Planted Bowl
scrambled eggs/avocado

Power Bowl
quinoa/sweet potato/asparagus/onion/broccoli
poached eggs




Chicken Sausage


Sweet Fries

Half Avocado